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City Bikes

Touring Bikes

Cargo & Kids Bikes


Every Rental Includes

  • A nice clean helmet
  • A really solid lock
  • Front & rear lights
  • A map of Montreal
  • Personalized suggestions
fitz montreal bike rental value

Bike Rental Fees

1-5hrs 24hrs +1 Day Weekly
City Bike / Hybrid 25$ 40$ 25$ 125$
Kid's Bike / Trail-gator 20$ 35$ 20$ 115$
Touring bicycle 35$ 50$ 35$ 175$
Cargo Bike 35$ 50$ 35$ 175$
Trailer 25$ 40$ 25$ 125$

City Bikes

Linus Cruisers

Ideal for daily rides in the city, we love Linus for their simplicity & style. 3 models are available: The traditional Roadster, step-through Dutchi, and in-between Mixte. Available in many sizes big & small

Linus Hybrids

The best of two worlds. More versatile, those bicycles are well design for longer rides with flat handlebars and a more straight position.


Touring Bikes

Cargo & Kids Bikes

Masi CX comp orange Montreal bike rental


The true all-round bike. Masi offers here a durable bicycle able to carry good capacity. Whether you want to go for a quick ride up the trails of Mont-Royal, or a week long tour, this is what you need.


Cargo & Kids bikes

Looking to carry your kids around the city ? We offer different options from trailer, trail-gator, baby seat or even cargo-bikes such as the Yuba Boda Boda and the Mundo.

Rent a Bike with Fitz and join the local Bicycle culture.

We've rented bikes around the world from Amsterdam to Vietnam and learned what makes it special. We'll put you on the right bike, adapted to your ride and size. We'll offer you a helmet you'll want to wear, and a lock that will inspire confidence. We'll provide a map and personalized riding route, sights to see, and places to eat & drink. People often tell us we offer the best bike rental service they've ever experienced.

What's a Bixi Bike?

We love BIXI, Montreal’s public bike system! It’s a great alternative means of urban transport and it’s very popular with locals. If you’re looking for a quick way of getting from Point A to Point B, we encourage you to find a BIXI station and rent one of their bikes. They sure are handy but they’re not ideal for long rides since they’re a bit heavy, have only 3-speeds, and are rented for 30-minute periods. Look for more information on the BIXI web site to understand the pricing structure.