Planning your next getaway? How about an epic journey on a bicycle? 

Fitz and Follwell's Touring Bikes will take you on your adventure!

Bike Rental Fees

1-5hrs 24hrs +1 Day Weekly 2 Weeks
Touring bicycle 35$ 50$ 35$ 175$ 300$
Panniers 5$ 5$ 5$ 25$ 40$


The Masi CX Comp is a fast, comfortable steel bicycle ideal for long road rides, light off-roading and cyclotouring. Whether it's a quick ride up Mont-Royal or a week-long tour, this bicycle will carry you just about anywhere you might want to go.

Technical info

- bike info

- panniers + handle bar bag


Interested to ship your bike back ? Ride everywhere you want!

With Expedibus, your bike could be packed and shipped back to Montreal pretty much everywhere in Quebec. How this is functioning ?

  1. Expedibus provides the box for $7 and the tools.  You would have to remove the pedals, and front wheel to put it in the box.
  2. You would write our company & address as the receiver of the bike.  Once it arrives, Expedibus will call us.
  3. A local delivery service would get the bike from the bus station to our store for $15.

We would just add $15 to your rental cost, and you would pay Expedibus the $32 for the box & shipping.

If you've ever wanted to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life—be it a day trip around the island, a week-end on the Petit Train du Nord or in the Eastern Townships, or a longer tour through some of the majestic rural regions of Quebec—our touring bikes offer you the freedom to pick up and go.

Open air, fossil-fuel free, ultra-romantic and very affordable—Leave your car at home!!


Did you know that Quebec is home to the 5000km+ Route Verte network of cycling paths spanning the entire province, and was rated as the top bicycling route in the world by National Geographic?

Learn more about Vélo Québec and the Route Verte here and start planning your journey today!

Our staff is made up of seasoned adventurers who have rented bikes around the world—from Amsterdam to Vietnam so we understand firsthand the advantages of exploring a new city by bicycle. We'll put you on the right bike, adjusted to your style of riding and size. We'll offer you a helmet you'll want to wear and a lock that will inspire confidence. We'll also provide a map, a personalized route with sights to see and places to eat and drink. Our customers often tell us that we offer the best bike rental service they've ever experienced.


Ressources :

Learn more about Vélo Québec and the Route Verte here and start planning your journey today!